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This is the status page for the server. The status page is kept on Autobahn's web server because if is down you obviously won't be able to see pages on that server. ^_^ (Because I outsource the DNS service for the domain to Easy DNS the host name pointed at Autobahn's server will still work even when the main web server is offline. ^_-)

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Previous Mainenance

Sunday May 20/2001

Starting around 8 P.M. and running until about 1:30 A.M. of the 21st I had turned off the FTP server so I could move some of the older logs into other files to make the logs a bit easier to dig though. ^_^ The reason the FTP server was turned off during this process was to avoid any conflicts from 2 programs accessing the same text file at the same time. The WWW server was not affected by this.

Monday Feb. 12/2001

The hard drive on the computer that acts as the server was replaced with a larger one. During this work I pointed the DNS for the domain towards a non-routable IP address. The hard drive upgrade and the other stuff being done on the server was completed just after midnight and the DNS has been pointed back at the server. The DNS change should percolated throughout the worldwide DNS system by approximately 6 A.M. CST. (North American CST that is. ^_-)

Overall the upgrade went pretty good considering that I initially allowed 2 days for it in my planning. ^_^ (Swearing while trying to unhook cables or while putting in screws aside. ^_-)

I also learned that computers should be taken apart for cleaning more often than once every 2 years. :-D