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Hi there, welcome to my Consumers Distributing page! If you have a Consumers Distributing Page let me know and I'll put a link here. :-)

*NEW* Consumer's Distributing Message Board

Since I've gotten a fair bit of E-mail from other former Consumers Distributing Employees as well as catalog collectors and various other members of the general public who are interested in Consumers Distribuing I have now established a message board to encourage multi-party discussion amoungst these interested groups.

I've also been informaed there is a Consumer's Distributing Facebook group. Thanks Jay for droopping me a line on that, sorry it took me 2 3/4 years to update this page. -_- I don't have facebook myself but I'm putting the link up for people's convienience.

Photo Galery

Here is the store #251 photo gallery, enjoy these funny photos of some of the people who I worked with at Consumers Distributing! :-)

Here's our Manager Chris doing his morning exerecises! ^-^
Here's Brent and Dena hanging out in the stockroom.
(It was kinda a slow day!)

Here's Lisa!
If your wondering who Paul is, he was the Assistant Manager when I first started. Upon hearing that Consumers Distributing was most likely closing (thus putting him out of work!) he decided to return some items that he bought in the last little while (5 or 6 years) to raise some cash! Some of these items were a tent (he _only_ used it for a few years!) , his Nintendo, and a breadmaker. Especially since he didn't have any reciepts for these items (only about $1200 worth or so) our District Manager was just a little bit upset with him! I wonder why? Sorry, I don't have any pictures of Paul! (Incriminating or otherwise! ^_-)

Here's a picture of Ron, our last assistant Manager at store #251. He didn't get the joke that Cathy (our Senior Clerk) wrote at the bottom of this picture! (It was taken right before the bankruptcy!)

Below are some pictures of Cathy!
(They seem to go together! ^-^)

Here's me!

This picture was taken by Robbie. There are 2 Pictures of him below. Robbie is currently studying at the University of Manitoba working towards his degree in Pom-Pom making. ^_- He worked for the slave driving bastard who owns Liquidation Station for a while but that went under too. Robbie, why do you keep bringing down companies? ^_-

Hey Robbie! Put down that Winnie the Pooh, and don't even think of those Sailor Moon Dolls, or I shall punish you in the name of the moon! I saw what you did to that "My Size Barbie"!

Here's Jay!

Apparently the "thong undies" joke goes back from before I worked at Consumers Distributing, so I really can't explain it.

Below is a picture of Jay's girlfriend Jen (in a less than perfect mood) and annother picture of Jay, taken after Jen pushed him off the top shelf of our store racking. We all kept our distance after that! ^_-

Here's Dena again! She's helping to count the cash.

Did I mention that Consumers Distributing is bankrupt?

Hey Dena! You haven't seen about $250,000,000 dollars of missing money around here, have you? ^_-

Below are pictures of two of our other jewlery clercks. On the left is Jennifer (Not to be confused with "Jen" pictured above!), and on the right is Julie. Come to think of it, isn't that Jay that Jennifer is leaning on? I hope "Jen" doesn't see that picture, I hear that she can get insanely jealous at times! ^_-

P.S. The real reason that Consumers Distributing went broke was because of all the people who were stealing those 2 inch pencils from our catalog table!

The wood used to make those pencils was one of the primary reasons behind world wide de-forestation! (Alot of them went missing! ^_-)

Here's my date to our final staff party, Kim!

Cathy asigned us as dates, although I think that was beyond her authority as Senior Cleck, I'm not complaining! ^-^

Now there's a girl with plenty of "talent"! ^-^

To contact any of these people...

I am offering to sell any of their phone numbers for $5,000,000 each. Just E-mail. ^_^


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