This page is for entertainment purposes only! This should not be taken as a serious religion! Any donations sent in will _not_ result in a tax receipt, and will be misappropriated by me for my own personal use! :-)

If you're looking for the cult of Serenity, you are in the wrong place!!!!

Just click on the logo to the left to get to the Cult of Serenity! A cute, fun fan club of sorts, the Cult of Serenity is just something you can say you've done. Their home page has interesting information and a list of members. They aren't a serious religion either! They don't want your money so if you must send donations somewhere send them here so I can misappropriate them! ^-^

Church Premise

The Basic idea of this religion is that we worship the five original scouts as goddesses. If you're a fan of the Outer Senshi don't flame me! Start your own cult and I'll put a link to your page. ^_-

Our choir songs!

Our choir song for Sailor Mercury is "Worship Ami" ("My Sharona" played backwards)

For Sailor Venus the song will be "She's got it" ("Venus on a mountain top"...etc. Well you get the idea! ^_^)

For Sailor Mars our song is "We didn't start the Fire" by Billy Joel (Suggestion sent in by *somebody*)

For Sailor Moon our song is "When the moon in the sky-a looks like a big pizza pie-a, that's amour-e!" (Suggestion also sent in by *Somebody*)

*Somebody* also suggested "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top for Tuxedo Mask, but um, he isn't even a Sailor Scout. It's a good try though. She'll have to start an outers cult if she wants to use the idea she had for one of them though. ^_-

I complied with *somebody*'s request to remove their E-mail address on July 11th 2001. I would have done it upon receiving their first e-mail but the E-mail didn't give me enough info to find it in my site (I did make several of these pages many years ago and they originally said it was on my "Goofy" page. ^_-) and I was unable to get further info from them because their E-mail address at AOL wouldn't accept my reply. I do wonder how *somebody* was getting "strange" E-mail because of this when I wasn't able to get an E-mail through. ^_- BTW, if you are the *somebody* I am referring to and you read this could you please acknowledge that you got this message so I can take it down. ^_- Also it might be good to configure your E-mail so it works, if you can't make AOL work get hotmail or something. ^_-

Any suggestions for other scouts would be helpful.

Fund raising activities

One way we plan to raise money is to have male members of our cult dress up as Tuxedo Mask and hang around airports with some roses asking people if they would "like to buy a flower". ^-^

How I will misappropriate church funds!

I will hire church secretaries, one with blue hair, two blonds, maybe one with lots of "talent", and, a dark haired one (who will be responsible for our sacred post it notes! ^-^), who I will probably have sex with and cause a big scandal! :-) I also plan to spend lots of it on vacation homes in tropical climates and stuff like that!

You are one of the people to be subjected to my cyber-evangelism! Puh-raise the scouts! ^_^

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