Welcome to My Goofy Sailor Moon page! I guess I could make a joke about "Say No to Crack" right here. ^_^ The pic below is a snappy screen grab from Royal Canadian Air Farce when they were making fun of our favorite anime's name.


Comment from the crowd: Take the bad cracks off your page! ^_-

The top part of this page is humor and the bottom part is info. If your looking for a laugh just click on any (or all) of the pictures below! If your looking for info and links just scroll down to the bottom.







On the subject of the Sailor Moon theme Song here's a parody called Sailor Mook written by The NIXTR (Nick Morency) He swears that mook has nothing to do with his arch rival in the alt.fan.sailor-moon, Pook, it just happens to ryme. ^_^ Pook also has a funny web page (Last Internet Archive capture before it disapeared), so check it out too! The NIXTR was inspired to post Sailor Mook by The Anime that never ends written by my friend The Dragonlady. who has also written The Sailorana, a parody of The Macarana. The Dragon Lady needs her own web page to put all this great stuff on! So how about it Sara? ^_- (Whoops! The general public isn't supposed to know her first name! Pretend you didn't read that! ^_-)

Annother funny fan writen song is Sailor Wannabe by Karen Healey Also known as:

Sailor Zalia, champion of Love, Justice, and a decent cup of coffee! In the name of the Sun, I will punish you, and that means YOU! The Turtle Moves!!!!!

Funny Stuff on other sites! ^-^

You may like to check out this Fanfic and song Parody page (now linked to the most recent version in The Way Back Machine due to removal from the original site) which has my favorite song Parody (Related to Sailor Moon that is) "InfoGatherer"by Tim Park! Due to it's dissappearance from his site I've recovered it from archives and mirrored Infogatherer here. If anyone wants to sing it and record a WAV file I will post it here! Annother neat thing Tim had posted in the past was "The Macarena Translated" (or at least what someone thinks it translates to! ^_-) I've also mirrored The Macarana Translated here due to removal from his site.

The Fanfic and song Parody page that Tim had run has now morphed into Doki Doki Productions where you can find his music videos.

Starfox used to maintain YKYWTMSMW (You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When) pages as part of his old web site but it's no longer up. For a new YKYWTMSM site click on the banner below:
(Last Internet Archive capture)

There is a page for YKYWTMJSMW! (You Know You Watch To Much Japanese Sailor Moon When...) for those of you who are familiar with the original Japanese Series. (Last Internet Archive Capture.)

The page about the time Serena gets drunk has gone down since the webmaster no longer attends the school who's server it was on but I found an archived copy which is missing the pictures. If anyone wants to supply the missing pictures to help re-build it your help would be appreciated.

Also check out Rich Wilson's Parody Fan Songs page.

Funny Fanfiction!

My favorite piece of Sailor Moon fanfiction is Sailor Moon Airhead. It used to be available at the fanfic site of the Ottawa Sailor Moon Club (but the page is gone so I think the club is defunct) and the fanfic archive on a previous version of Jupiter Knight's Sailor Moon Page. (He no longer maintains a web site to my knowledge.)

This fanfic can now be found in my FTP Site. The WAV file of Sailor Moon dusting Barney that Jay had on his site can also now be found in my FTP site.

Sailor Moon's Summer BBQis also a humorous fanfic which I pulled off of alt.fan.sailor-moon written by Nightman.

The Wrath of Setsuna was a humorous post to alt.fan.sailor-moon by Steve Allan Richards. Go and check out my collection of his writings. It seems like some people will never learn though, as you will see!

Remember, beware of a woman weilding a Big Ass Key! ^_-

The Moonie News Network!

The Moonie News Network is my own creation. :-)
Part 1 is about desparate Sailor Moon fans fleeing the U.S. due to the cancellation of Sailor Moon!
Part 2 is a story about a toy smuggler (Santa Clause), as well as the non-graphical version of my get rich quick page as a commercial break.
Part 3 is about a fugitive fansubber: Valirnianus on the Lam!

Character Specific Sites

If you thought my interests were overly specific, you should check out these people! ^_^

Chibi-Usa (Reeny) Pages!

If you like Chibi-Usa you should check out Project C.U.T.E.
(Apparently now defunct as of 2002, see archived version from the The Way Back Machine.)

If you hate Chibi-Usa you should check out Project C.U.R.E.
Along the lines of Project C.U.R.E. is the song Fifty Ways to kill the pink spore.

If you're appathetic about Chibi-Usa you should check out Project C.H.I.P.
(Apparently now defunct as of 2002, see archived version from the The Way Back Machine.)

If your wondering what the heck all these acronyms are you should check out Project C.U.L.T.
(apparently defunct as of 2002, no known achive.) (Whoever originally ran this site is encouraged to contact me if you still have it on your hard drive somewhere. ^_-)

If you can't take a joke you should join Chibi-Usa Lovers Against Project CURE. ^_-

I also have a poem written by Steve Allan Richards about Chibi-usa and Chibi-chibi in my collection of his writings.

Ami/Amy (Sailor Murcury) Pages!

If you would like to see the web page of someone who loves Sailor Mercury so much that he was interviewed on CBC Undercurrents about it go to Mercury Central (see most recent "Wayback version" due to original server going off line) to see Greg Taylor express himself!

He also has a new web page on a temporary basis at the moment. Unknown if he plans to update it.

If you would like some Sailor Mercury stuff for customizing your Windows 95 computer go to Mizuno Ami's Corner.

There used to also be good windows 95 stuff at Endymion's Win 95 Sailor Moon Goodies but it appears to have gone offline and the domain name has been taken over by someone that runs irrelavent ads on the auto generated pages. So the link has been removed. If anyone has part or all of the site content on their hard drive contact me and I'll give it space on the moonie.ca server.

Minako/Mina (Sailor Venus) Pages!

Submissions welcome!

Mikato/Lita (Sailor Jupiter) Pages!

Check out my very own Sailor Jupiter talent page! This page is more of an explaination page than a worship page, but I had to find some way to fit it on my main Sailor Moon Page! ^_-

Hotoru (Sailor Saturn) Pages!

If you like Sailor Saturn check out The Sailor Saturn Worship Temple!

Setsuna (Sailor Pluto) Pages!

If you like the woman who carries the big assed key your Submissions are welcome!

Just the FAQ's! (and other info)

Check out the uFAQ (Micro FAQ) (link to last Internet Archive crawl) originally written by Rick Sammartino, later maintainaed by Racso and most recently maintained by Rob Maxwell. The site also has a link to the FAQ by Ken Aromdee.

You can also go directly to Ken Aromdee's web site to read the original Sailor Moon FAQ.

For more than you ever wanted to know about Sailor Moon check out:
Karl's Unnecessarily Long Sailor Moon Link List.
Due to the original web site being gone, see the last "Wayback version". Do keep in mind the links will gradually become less and less accurate over time and you may need to pick things apart a bit because when you are in a "way back machine" archived page the links are changed to point at other archived versions of the page.

If your watching Sailor Moon in a language that you don't understand (or are trying to understand) check out this cross reference between English, Japanese, Cantonese, and French (not much so far). It covers scout names, planet names and a few other words you may see in the show. Special thanks to Lanny for helping with the Cantonese translations. :-) Go check out her web page ! (Last Internet Archive crawl.) I'm not maintaining the text file anymore, just the old stuff is up for the curious.

Where to buy Sailor Moon stuff!

Tapes, Laserdiscs, CD's, Posters, Dolls, Other Toys, and Miscellanious Stuff!

I advise you to check out the Canadian Anime Shopping Guide. (Last Internet Archive Capture before it disappeared.)
It includes the places localy here in Winnipeg I had listed as well as many other places across Canada.

Sorry, Millennium Moon Merchandise has apparently closed.

fansubs.ca (Originally known as my Sailor Moon Tapes Page) which has a vast selection of various forms of Sailor Moon!

Commercial Dealers who offer Sailor Moon Laser Discs

If you are looking for the original Japanese Laser Discs, check out these dealers (they have other stuff too ^_^): I would recommend that you avoid Anime Frontier This one is a fan-service and not a commercial dealer, however it is proving to be a bit of a fan-dis-service. ^_-

My own experience was good. I once ordered from Anime Frontier and the LD arrived August 25, 1997 it was placed on May 19, 1997 so turn around time was a little over 3 months which was pretty close to what was expected.

Steve and Bruce Franklin still had an order they never got, after about a year of fussing they finally got their money back. Steve tells me that was only after the people in rec.arts.anime.misc started raising a fuss about Anime Frontier. So best case they are simply overloaded, worst case they are just bungling and unconcerned about ensuring things are done right. I have had enough people say good things about dealing with them to rule out any intentional misdeads though. Everything considered I still say it's best to stay away from them.

If you're looking for general info on Laser Discs check out this Laser Disc Related Links Page
(Gotta go to the "Way Back" version again... -_-)

BTW, if anyone knows of other sources that do mail order let me know so I can add a link here, especially places with the Cantonese Laser Discs.

USENET Newsgroups where young girls in short skirts are discussed! ^_^


Here is the most popular group, where the Otaku Wars were held.

There were at one point alt.fan.sailor-moon pins made by Rick Sammartino, but they are no longer available.


The "Evil Twin"! ^_^ Where young girls without the skirts are discussed! ^_^ Um, not that I go there or anything, that's just what I've been told! Really! ^_-


The "Evil Triplet"! ^_^ Same as above but with less spam since the spammers don't know what "hentai" means. ^_^


The place that Alex Lau wants you to post your Sailor Moon Pictures! ^_^


A group on the National Capital Freenet (Ottawa, Canada incase your wondering which nation this Freenet is in the Capital of), even if you can pick it up on annother server you can't post unless you're a member of the National Capital Freenet. :-(


Discussion of Sailor Moon in Italian!


Discussion of Sailor Moon in Japanese! So you'll need a Japanese capable newsreader (I don't know where to get one) and you'll have to learn Japanese if you want to understand it!

If your news server doesn't carry all of these groups (mine only has the first two and the last one) I've read that you can get some of them off of these free servers:

Disclaimer: I haven't tried any of these free servers myself!

Travel the world!

Go check out my Sailor Moon around the world page for links to sites in places beyond Canada and the U.S.

The end of Sailor Moon in Japan! :-(

Yes, sadly the Sailor Moon TV series has come to an end in Japan with the airing of episode 200 on Saturday February 8,1997! But on the bright side most of us in here North America still have many (or at least a few) episodes left to see. Check out my fansubs.ca web site I now have video tape of the final episode in both raw Japanese and English Subtitled. BTW, Usagi is buck naked for most of the show! ^_^

Obligatory SOS link!

Since I took it off the top of the page but still want to be able to find it myself easily here a link to the SOS site. ^_^ (As of this 2007 revision it is only an archive and no longer an active web site.)

Coming Soon! (Eventually?) (Er, um maybe not, I don't have so much time on my hands as I used to so this may not happen. ^_-)

-My Melvin Rules Page! :-)


Send any comments to Glen A. Pearce @


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