(AP) Despite a UN Sanctioned ban on sucky animated superheroes. Japan continues to allow it's animators to draw them! One of the best known of such characters is Sailor Moon, AKA Usagi. (Serena in the English language dub.) In fact Usagi defeats the first Dark Kingdom (Negaverse) Monster she meets by "whaling" at it! In the second episode she used this "illegal weapon" to thwart the advances of Umino (Melvin), this episode was never* dubbed into English due to an interDICtion effort. In the Japanese version her boyfriend Mamoru (Darien) refers to her as Usuko, considering what a wuss she is it's no suprise that he would call her "you sukko"! ^_-

people have read this bogus story! (At least the headline did actually appear in a newspaper, just with a different story ^_-)

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*Episode#2 was later fan-dubbed into English after this page was originally made. This fandub in available from fansubs.ca

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