DISCLAIMER: Since I've recently been getting a lot of E-mail from people that didn't figure it out on their own this page is a joke. ^_- Also this was made a few years before the CWi dub of SMS was done so it's also seriously out of date, I do hope to incorporate the CWi ramifications into this conspiracy theory once I get a chance. :-D


Hi There, welcome to my Sailor Dyke Denial page! This page is here to counter the conspiracy on the internet to portray two of the new scouts as being Lesbians! Several rumour mongers are playing a big prank on Sailor Moon Fans who can only speak English, and therefore can't follow the newer episodes! You can't prove that Sailor Uranus (Haruka) and Sailor Neptune (Michiru) are Lesbians! This is all based on some greatly misunderstood episodes! I'll let the following cartoon say it all!

Questions I've gotten since this page went up

Q: Where is the proof that they aren't Lesbians?  
   All you have here is a flat out denial and some obscenities!

A: I wasn't trying to prove they aren't, I'm just saying there is
   no proof that they are! :-p

Q: What about in the SuperS movie where Sailor Neptune says 
   "There's some things only adults can enjoy" (E. Monsoon) or
   "It's more fun being an adult" (V.K.L.L.) then Sailor Uranus 
   coughs and blushes.

A: After consulting with members of the AOA (Alcoholic Otaku of
   America) they responded that when Sailor Neptune mentioned 
   "things only adults can enjoy" she was referring to BEER
   and Sailor Uranus just has a cold, and was flush because she
   had been drinking. ^_-

Q: Haven't you just been pushing this conspiracy theory because 
   you're Homophobic?

A: Well, I am afraid of Lesbians because... 

   A: They're tougher than me! 
      (Of course most straight women are too! ^_-)
   B: I fear the competition!  It's bad enough that I have to compete 
      with other guys for women! ^_^

   ...but this page is just for laughs! ^_^

Q: Hasn't Naoko Takeuchi herself said that they are lesbians?

A: Clearly this shows that the members of the conspiracy will go to
   any extreme to push their agenda.  They have obviously kidnapped
   Naoko and replaced her with a look alike!  What could be more proof
   that Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus aren't lesbians than Sailor
   Neptune herself saying they aren't!  (Click on the picture of 
   Neptune, Uranus and Saturn below to hear it. ^_-)

O.K., Maybe there's _some_ proof!

According to this segment from episode 200 faithfully translated by Steve Allen Richards Haruka likes seeing Usagi naked, and in this other story Steve wrote Haruka is said to think that Zoe is pretty. It can't be! Steve must be part of the conspiracy! He must be I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A list of known conspirators!

Now look what you people have done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your making poor Hotoru uncomfortable with this rumour you've started!

When this picture was taken I also had a hidden microphone in the Negabasement. Click on the picture to hear the conversation between the Evil prof and Sailor Neptune.

Bob Terrell speaks out!

Here's a post by Bob dispelling the myth of Lesbian Sailor Scouts!
Subject:      Re: Michiru & Haruka Gay?
From:         Bob Terrell 
Date:         1997/06/25
Message-Id:   <33B1AB0D.65E4@tiac.net>
Newsgroups:   alt.fan.sailor-moon
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Gord Miller wrote:
> I need to know for sure..... Is Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune lesbiens?

No, they aren't. For one thing, neither of them have shown any interest
in a romantic relationship between them. Also, Sailor Uranus is said to
model for Playgirl, so she can't be a lesbian because "she" is really a
"he"! Finally, there's a short scene in episode 205 where Neptune says
she's glad that they've always just been friends.

whose evil laugh can be heard at the moment :)

Geee! Good thing I unloaded this CD!!!!

Not that I sold it because it has two dykes and a little girl on the cover, it's, um, just that it has mostly the same stuff as Vocal Collection 2 which I also have. Really! Honest! Would I try to unload something on my fellow fans like that? Don't answer that! ^_-

If you're looking for more detailed info on this, or any other Sailor Moon CD check out Beej's Complete Sailor Moon CD List (Last crawl by the Internet Archive) which has information and cover shots of all known Sailor Moon CD's.

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