Have you been disapointed with the investment advice that you've been getting this year? Are you not getting the returns that you expect? Well, no longer do you need to rely upon the guesswork of other financial 'experts'! Subscribe to the SETSUNA INVESTMENT NEWSLETTER!

I've helped thousands of people, just like you, achieve their financial goals! How did I do it? Where other investment advisers merely speculate about the future, I actually go there and check it out! Here's two of my satisfied clients to tell you all about it themselves!

Living the good life requires good advice, and no-one gives better advice than Setsuna. A nice car, motorcycle, helecopter, huge condo, and a fax/phone, these are some of the things me and Michiru have bought with our profits!

Some poeple might say that what were doing is wrong...

Taking investment advice from a time traveler that is! ^-^

...but someone has to be rich! Why not us!

Yes, and here's Chibi-usa and Usagi to tell you about some of the features in my next issue!

My favorite part is PU'S PICKS! Know which stocks will be hot next week, next month, even next year! She even tells you what is about to become obsolete so you can short-sell the loosers!

This next issue has a special feature, NEXT WEEK'S WINNING LOTTERY NUMBERS! Even a clutz like me can get rich off that! (How else do you think I'm going to finance the building of Crystal Tokyo?)

So remember, if you wan't a better future, listen to someone who's been there!

You are probably one of greedy people who thought this was legit!

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