When my mom first saw my sailor moon T-shirt she said it "wasn't very adult". So when I was sufing the net one day and I saw a picture of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus in langerie I immediately thought that that would make a T-shirt "adult"! ^-^ When I told her I was going to get that printed on a T-shirt she decided that my current one would be just fine! To get the picture just go to the link above. To capture it just move your mouse pointer over the picture, click on your right mouse button, then click on "save picture as" in the menu that comes up. At least that's how I grab pictures in Microsoft Explorer. Try this idea if you have a similar situation, you should be able to get the picture printed on a T-shirt at a local print shop or you can order one from Millennium Moon Merchandise, just tell them the image is up here and they can download it for printing. :-)

people now have learned this tactic since Jan.1 /2008!

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