If you've ever worder what us obsessed Sailor Moon Fans (Otaku's) are talking about when we use the word "talent" here's the story!

In episode #50 of Sailor Moon (#56 in the original Japanese series) the scouts, in their regular identities, are going to be in a play. The play is "Snow White", they are all arguing who should play the lead. Raye says that since she came up with the idea she should play Snow White. Serena says that she is the fairest one of all so she should play Snow White. Lita says that she should play Snow White because she has the most acting experience and "talent" as she motions towards her chest. Mina says she should play Snow White because she has the best stage presence and she is the most graceful. Amy says that she should play Snow White because Snow White has the least lines so it wouldn't cut into her study time as much if she had that role.

However in the original Japanese version Lita (Makato) actually says that she should play Snow White because she has the largest breasts! This explains the hand gesture! ^-^

The people doing the English dub did sneak something through though! As the argument continues there is a point where Lita shoves her breasts in Raye's face (Picture to the left) as she says "I'm the one with the most talent here", a boing sound effect is played right before she says it. This was suttle enough that the censors didn't notice it, so it got through! :-)

I haven't actually seen this episode in Japanese myself so I am taking the word of more advanced Otaku's on this one!

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