Luna Rock cover! I know this update is way late but... ^_^

In the summer of 1999 Lunarock was released in the U.S. (The Canadian release was back in 1997. ^_-), as a result of this it seems unneccesary for me to be selling them now. ^_^ I will however be keeping this page up as an informational site about the CD. Recommended places you might want to check online if you can't find it in your area are:

I'm not 100% sure if HMV is Canadian based or American based as it doesn't seem to specify on their page. HMV's physical Canadian stores are where I bought most of the CD's I re-sold to people online when I was doing that.

If you are located outside Canada and the U.S. (like Australia or the U.K. for instance) and you want me to pick up the Lunarock CD or the first Sailor Moon CD for that matter E-mail me to check on availability and cost of obtaining it and mailing it to you.

HINT: I won't need to charge any shipping if the CD "piggybacks" on any tapes I'm mailing to you at the same time. See my tapes page for details on the tapes I offer.

I also have a scans of the back of the CD case, the back of the lyric book for the CD, and the actual CD if you would like to view them.


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