Hi there, welcome to my sounds of Sailor Moon Page at it's new home (again ^_-). No real changes to it due to lack of free time but at least I've corrected some way out of date references to the fandub ^_^

The time me and Melvin went to Steve's place

Me and Melvin were once at Steve Allen Richard's house where we met Weird Al Yankovic. You don't believe me? Then check out this WAV file that proves it! :-p If you liked that you should check out my Steve Allen Richards page also here on my what used to be my American web site. :-)

Sound Clips from the New DIC eps.

Since there been some interest in it I recorded a 37.3 K WAV file of Sailor Mercury's "Shine Aqua Illusion"

From ep. #81 Sailor Moon saying "I'm gonna whip your butt!"to the Wiseman.

I also now have "The Power of Love" from DIC episode #81 of Sailor Moon. It's available as a 1.88 Meg. WAV file, I tried making an mp2 but it came out bigger. If you want a CD with it it's on the Lunarock CD which is only available in Canada. I am however offering it for sale on my Lunarock page.

A sound clip from the old DIC eps.

Check out my favorite quote from Sailor Moon from the episode Cherry blossom time. Don't you just love how she hedges by saying "maybe even"? ^_^

Theme songs from around the world!


I recorded the French theme song off of CFTM as a WAV file which is 2.62 Meg.
If you would like a smaller file I have also converted it into a MP2 file which is only 1.18 Meg.


This is part of the theme song for the made for TV Cantonese dub aired in Hong Kong (The Home Video dub by Aiko Animation used the original Japanese music) I recieved it as a 1.1 Meg WAV file from Greg Lindsey . I also converted it to a 828 K MP2 file for those of you who perfer those.

I got my hands on the Mandarin dub sold on tape in Tiawan and it uses Japanese theme song so it has no theme of it's own.


I have a 696 K MP2 file of the German Theme, this is the form I was given the file in. I more recently acquired the German CD's and will get a WAV up here if I ever get enough free time.


I was at The Sailor Moon Express Way where I found this 710 K WAV file of the Spanish Theme song which I increased the volume of with Cool Edit. I also used Cool Edit to make a MP2 file but it came out bigger than the WAV so it would be pointless to put it up here.


Åke Rosenius sent me the Swedish Theme in two WAV files, I patched them together using Cool Edit to make this 1.86 Meg. WAV file. I also converted it to a 1.69 Meg MP2 file incase anyone wanted it. Åke also sampled the Sweedish Closing Theme, here's a 993 K WAV file of it, The MP2 file I tried making came out bigger so I decided not to post it here.


I got this 422 K MP2 file from Tropi's page. I didn't bother trying to make a WAV file from it because it didn't work very well with the German MP2. If anyone has recorded a good quality WAV file of the Italian Theme off of Italian Television I would like to add it here.


I have a 359 K MP2 file of the Opening Theme from the Tagalog dub of Sailor Moon aired on TV in the phillipines.

Other Places

If you have any Theme songs from around the world that you would like to contribute to this site so it can be made available to everyone just let me know and I'll put your files up here! :-) (Please check with me before just throwing it in my mailbox though, and if you found it on the web just let me know where I can go to download it.)

Other Sites

Michael Ng has informed me about this FTP site which has the Italian Theme, and additional Chinese Themes. I should warn you though, that it has Real Audio files, if you don't have the Real Audio player it's available from Progressive Networks. Why do people record files in Real Audio format? I don't know! It was meant for live feeds and doesn't sound as good, so it's not the best way to package downloadable files. There will also be MP3 files there, I don't know about any MP3 players, but I've read that a shareware decoder called L3DEC will convert them into WAV files. To get it download 13dec.exe and go32.exe from here or go to the source

Where the heck are the English and Japanese songs?

I figured there was no need to put these on the web since you can get them on CD. The English soundtrack CD can be ordered directly from Rhino Records if you can't find it where you live. If you're looking for the new CD only released in Canada check out my Lunarock page for details on getting one sent outside of Canada. If you really want to find a sound file of the NA Theme it's available on Karl's Sailor Moon Clips Page which has lots of other neat stuff too.
You can get the Japanese CD's from: as well as many other places. There are also the SonMay CD's (knockoffs) made in Tiawan. I found some locally at Amazing Gifts and Accessories in Portage Place mall, but if you don't live in Winnipeg I don't know where you could buy them. You could try contacting SonMay directly, their E-mail address is

The Sailor Moon Midi Player

If you would like to have some Sailor Moon MIDI's playing on your computer while doing other stuff check out the Sailor Moon MIDI Player. I found it somewhere (I forget where) as a 718K ZIP file which I put here for you to download. :-)

What came on before Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon used to come on YTV in the afternoon right after they aired Dudly the Dragon. Not that I watch it myself, it's just that after taping 65 eps of Sailor Moon (starting the VCR early "just incase") you get to know the Dudly the Dragon theme off by heart. If you don't believe me play it 65 times and you won't be able to get it out of your head! ^_-

The Fandub WAV

Here is a 12.7 Meg (5.45 Meg. zipped) WAV file of the entire audio track (just over 20 minutes) of Mark Spraugue's fandub of episode # 92 of Sailor Moon. It should be noted that this is only a preview version which I recorded off of a video tape of the that I got from Lucas Muzzatti who got it from an unnamed UTARPA executive who got his copy from someone that Mark gave a tape to so it won't be the same quality as a WAV straight from Mark's Nega Basement, but it's still pretty darned good. If you have the laserdisc or video tape of that episode In Japanese, Cantonese, or any dub that wasn't edited down you can sycnronize this file to your video source to view the fandub preview. Just start playing the sound file as soon as the scene changes from Sailor Moon giving her speach to the top of the building appearing at the beggining. If you don't have a video source, and still want to see the preview just go to my tapes page for details on how to get a copy from me.

Um, actually the final version is also available from me on my tapes page and I'm _the_ official omnipresent distro for the fandub now. Gee, I must update this page more often! ^_^

In this file Mark did Sailor Mercury's voice himself, as well as all of the male charcters as I understand it! If you want info on how the fandub is going, why certain things were done certain ways, click on the logo below.

Backwards music!

Worship Ami

(My Sharona played backwards)

Just barely Sailor Moon but if you want it I have a 950 K sample that is 44.14 seconds long as a WAV file or a 2.92 Meg. Zipped WAV file of the whole thing.

Software for converting sound files between formats

The mp2 files on this page (except the German theme) were converted from WAV files using Cool Edit from Syntrillium Software. It's a handy little piece of downloadable shareware which supports: One thing I should warn you about is the fact that MP2 files don't sound quite as good as the WAV file they were made from, although sometimes they can be pretty close. The reason they are used on the net is because for a given sound they will be smaller. They are smaller because some of the data is thrown out, thus having a small effect on the sound. Once that data is gone, it's gone for good and the file won't sound as good as the original WAV that's why I put the original WAV's here as well as the MP2's for people who want to have the original quality. There is also the fact that MP2's take more proccesing power to play, on my 486/66 if I move my mouse pointer around when an MP2 is playing it will cause glitches in the playback.

You may also want to try AMPEG, although I haven't used it myself Karl said that it gives the best quality output. You can find a link to it on Karl's Sailor Moon Clips Page

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