My stuff for sale page!

Here's where I'm selling off my surplus stuff. From time to time I will add items to this page so check back now and then to see what's new.

If you want to reserve an item on this page drop me an E-mail saying that you want me to reserve the item for you and I will mark the item as reserved with your name and E-mail address on the page until the money arrives. If you have me reserve an item you are expected to get the payment into the mail within 1 week of my reserving it.

Yes, I know there isn't much here right now but my stuff sold fast. ^_^ Check back now and then to see what's new. ^_^

"Piggyback" stereo audio cables

These handy stereo audio cables have connectors on one end that have both a phono plug and a phono jack so that annother set of cables can be "piggybacked" onto them eliminating the need for a separate splitter. These cables are 6ft in length. Pricing on these is:
To buy any of this stuff send me a check or money order along with a letter saying what the money is for, the address you want them mailed to, and your E-mail address to:

Glen A. Pearce
P.O. BOX 2225
Station Main
Winnipeg, MB

Once payment arrives I'll ship the goods. (If payment is by check I'll wait a little while to allow it to clear. ^_-)

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