Sailor Moon Web Pages around the World!

Since most of the Sailor Moon pages that you will find on the web are either Canadian or American (which is strange since it's a Japanese series) I have put together this list of links to sites around the world. If you live in some obscure and/or small country (at least more obscure and/or small than Canada! ^_-) and want your page listed here let me know and I'll add a link. Yes, Canada is small (in terms of population), it just seems like Canada is big because it looks big on the map and us Canadians seem to like writing web pages, thus giving us a big internet presence. (This is my 17th! ^_-) Although I'm Candian this web page is on an American server so I guess it's both a Canadian and an American web page! Hmmm??? ^_^

Here are some good sites in Japan - where it all started!

Warning - some of these sites are in Japanese, so you'll need a browser that can handle Japanese fonts and JIS or you'll have some giberish on your screen. If you don't have a Japanese capable browser you can click on this icon Da Shodouka Squiggle to use Shodouka, which translates JIS into Japanese and Chinese Fonts which it sends to your browser as pictures. :-) (I forget whether they were GIF's or JPG's but either way they work!) The Shodouka service is very popular (Since it's free!) so service may often be unavailable due to excessive server load. So if your serious about sites with Asian Fonts you should get the appropriate software. You still need to know Japanese though! ^-^

The Web Page of TOEI Animation , the company that produced the original Sailor Moon anime. (Japanese only)

A web site by a fan of Naoko Takeuchi (the writer who created Sailor Moon) available in both Japanese and English:

The Sailor Moon pages of Hitoshi Doi (Mostly English, but some Japanese)
All three pages are indentical so use the one closest to where you are (It will reduce strain on the internet's overseas lines)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Page (Finland)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Page (United States)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Page (Japan)

Sailor Moon Pages in Sweden!

A Sailor Moon Page in France!

The only one I know about is this one

A Sailor Moon Page in Italy!

The only one I know about is this one which is in Italian only with no English version.

A Sailor Moon Page in Poland!

O.K., this page is on an American server, but it belongs to someone in Poland, check out this one it doesn't have much other than a graphics collection though.

A Sailor Moon Page in Malasia!

O.K., this page it's on an American server, but it belongs to a Malasian, check out Belbourne's Super Anime Corridore

A Sailor Moon Page in Hong Kong!

Sheldon Wai's Sailor Moon Main Page is a rather cool looking page to check out in Hong Kong. It does come down slowly though and Microsoft Explorer tells me that it has active components that are "unsafe to display". I opt not to display them since I'm afraid of going blind! ^_-


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