Now here is something that we've never seen! Serena get's DRUNK!! I have pics to prove it!! It so funny! Plus little caption's to go with it! One more thing I have to give credit to the guy at The Cel Gallery! Thankx. These pics are from episode 108. :P

We see Serena going through her english phrase book to understand the question that people are asking each other.

While doing that she doesn't know what she's grabing ahold of! Is it juice or WINE?

Not relising that it isn't her juice she takes a big hardy gulp of her juice.

The alchaol kick's in and you see her start to feel high.

All of the sudden she starts talking in a slurry Japanase and english voice wondering if you want any meatballs! :P

Darien is trying to find out how Serena got this way when suddenly.....

Darien get's what he deserves for standing to close to the punch.

Do you know how she got that way chad, old chap?

Now that Usagi is feeling better she is starting to make more sense. With whatever sense she had to begin with :P

I just had a little bit of juice or was it WINE?

I just relised something! I didn't have juice at all!

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