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Hi there, welcome to my collection of Steve's Humor.

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Canadian Eh!

In my earlier days on the internet I had this smart-assed idea about dubbing Sailor Moon into "Canadian", this prompted Steve to write this little story about Bob and Doug McKenzie from the movie Strange Brew watching Sailor Moon.

Steve's 'Faithfull' Translations!

Steve has provided these "faithfull translations" of various Sailor Moon eps.

The Wrath of Setsuna!

Some people never learn to leave Setsuna alone, that's why they get clubbed with the Big Assed Key!

Steve's dream

You know you read too much when you have a dream like this...

Why don't the bad guys attack places where the scouts can't be?

Steve wrote a really good explaination of why it just wouldn't work!

The newsgroup's newspaper

A little know fact about Steve is that he's the Publisher of afs-m Herald-Reporter.


Steve also likes playing with his NA SM dolls.

Psalm 23

Steve did this parody of Psalm 23, check it out!

Steve's sig. files

Check out Steve's list of Things you don't hear every day

This has lead to Mordenkainen Plagiarizing Steve with his list of Things you don't see every day

Does anyone want to tackle the other senses? ^_^

Erin has joined the plagiarism by keeping illegal clones of Steve (Made by SonMay? ^_^) in her closet!

The plagiarism continues with writing his list of bumper stickers you don't see everyday.

The Chibi Poem

I hope that I shall never see,
Another girl who's named Chibi.
A Chibi whose cuteness makes you stare,
at the odango's in her hair.

A Chibi that looks you in the eye,
And makes you think, "Hey, she's kawaii."
But, I shake my head; I won't believe.
I won't succumb to cavities.

"It's not their fault," some people say,
"all Chibi's seem to act that way."
- opinions from members of CUTE.
I listen not; the point is moot.

Project CURE has a different view:
The Chibi's make them want to spew.
And I'll tell you, they're far from mild,
They say, "We'll burn the Satan child!"

Those Chibi-ers are too hard core.
I tell you, I can take no more.
Well, maybe I should get a grip.
Like I care? Hail project CHIP!

Bob Dole's Home page!

Although Steve didn't write Bob Dole's home page (Last internet Archive Crawl) on Noel Herradura's site, he does like it. Steve drew the picture on the left.

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