Law & Bubbles
fan fiction by Rich Wilson

Hear the opening monologue.       See a picture of the cast.


SCENE: open on "Main and 11th in Townsville."  A busy street is lined by short blocks of two-story apartment buildings held up by several small shops and stores.  The sidewalk is decorated with an occasional tree, light post, or wire-mesh garbage can.  Cartoon cars scurry down the street, in and out of the heavy traffic, as a woman and her young freckle-faced boy walk by.  The boy sees a large spotted dog lying on the sidewalk and he rushes over to pet it.

BOY: Hi doggie!  How 'ya doin' boy?

MOTHER: Jimmy, how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from strange dogs!?  He might bite.... or have germs!

BOY: He has SOMETHING bad, Mommy -- he's all messed up and stuff!

DOG: (groans) MERCY!

Mother gasps!

SCENE: It is the same place, but the street is lined with police tape and a chalk outline.  One police officer is taking pictures and two others, in light-blue "CSU" (Crime Scene Unit) jackets, are examining the ground.  Two men in suits get out of a car and walk towards a uniformed officer.  The first one is Lenny Briscoe, and husky older gentleman with a face that is handsome but also worn away with sadness; his younger partner Rey Curtis is an attractive young Hispanic man with short curly hair and a facial expression somewhere between a smile and bewilderment.

REY: What do we have here?

OFFICER: Beating victim, multiple strike wounds, three broken legs.  A boy found him on the concrete but no one else saw it happen.

LENNY: Don't tell me: they were too busy watching the traffic stand still.

REY: (to officer) We heard on the radio that there was a backup here earlier.  Did you talk to any of the drivers?

OFFICER: The jam was gone by the time we got here.  A car broke down and was abandoned - it was moved off to the side of the road.

(He points down the road; just then, another officer interrupts from down the street in that direction.)

OFFICER 2: (yelling) Hey, we got something over here.

(The three quickly walk over to the disabled car: the top has a jagged hole with the sheet metal and vinyl twisted in a ragged mess.)

OFFICER 2: We found a collar and doggie treats in the passenger seat; the fur in the driver's seat looks like the vic's and there was a canine tooth on the hood.  (short pause)  Man, I don't know WHAT could have done this (pointing at the roof of the car), but it certainly was no traffic accident.

REY: Run the plates and find the owner.  We need to know who was driving.  (to first officer)  Have those CSU guys get over here.

(Lenny and Rey look back as the dog is being loaded into the ambulance.)

REY: I don't get it: a good dog like that...

LENNY: If every dog has his day, today DEFINITELY wasn't his.

(Fade and run opening credits.)

Back at the crime scene, Rey finishes talking on his cell phone with a hushed "We'll be right there."

REY: Lenny, we've got two more attacks: one at Townsville park and the other just outside city hall.  They were luckier than the pooch, but they won't be talking for a few hours yet.  Unfortunately, no on admits to seeing anything.  Where to?

LENNY: (sarcastically)  Great .  Someone hears monsters under the bed or kids skip out on school and our phones won't stop ringing,  but three folks struck down and everyone just minds his own business.  (pause, then a look of inspiration)  Wait a minute, before we head to the hospital we should head to the park.

REY: But CSU is already checking it out.

LENNY: I know, but there is a perp. from way back who hangs out in the volcano.  He's always cursing about something and will be eager to complain if anything interrupted his afternoon nap.

SCENE: "Mojo Jojo's Home"  Lenny and Rey are at the top of narrow stairs which lead straight up a small extinct volcano, about one hundred feet above the park.  Lenny is knocking quite loudly and he turns away in frustration as Rey  checks out the "wall."

LENNY: So much for an easy snitch...

REY: Hey Lenny, check this out.  (He climbs on an earthen ledge around the side of the volcano and Lenny follows.  The ledge turns out to be made out of three four-foot holes in the volcano.)  Let's check it out.

LENNY: (grumbling) and I just had this suit cleaned...

They enter the and quickly find themselves in a large chamber adorned with various large control panels (each with a step-stool nearby) and a very high ceiling.  The floor is littered with small bits of metal and concrete, and we then see the broken body of Mojo Jojo lying in the middle of it all.  Lenny rushes over to Mojo as Rey whips out his cell phone to call for help....

SCENE: Townsville Police's squad room: a large open room with several pairs of desks facing each-other and the surreal feeling caused by too much fluorescent light.  Many people and many voices fill the room as phones ring and people wearing either handcuffs or holsters occasionally pass by.  Lenny and Rey arrive and take seats are their facing desks.

A uniformed officer hands a slip of paper to Lenny and walks away.  Lenny reads the paper and puts it on his desk.

LENNY: They traced the car to an Agnes Flibertz: she reported it stolen about two this afternoon.

Lt. Anita Van Buren, an chubby yet attractive forty-something black woman with thick and wavy hair falling just below her shoulders.  With a matter-of-fact look she half waves a large envelope in her hand.

ANITA: Guys, someone dropped this off at the front desk and split.  You gotta see it.

They walk into her office, a ten-by-twelve room with venetian blinds covering the windows that look into the squad room.  She pulls a video tape from the envelope and slides it into a VCR as they two detectives settle into the padded-metal chairs just inside the door.  Anita steps back and perches herself half sitting on the front of her desk.

The TV shows a fuzzy black-and-white image of activity in a liquor store, looking down on the cash register, into the store, and outside through the large front windows.  Small numbers on the screen show the date and time that the video was taken.

LENNY: That looks like Bo Dega's store on Main and 10th -- on bad weeks I used to cash in my paychecks there for merchandise.

ANITA: Look at what's happening out in front of the store.

In the video, a car bucks and rolls to a stop in front of the store.  Anita leans off of her desk to push "fast forward" for  a few seconds, but despite the squiggles, the car stays put on the screen.  When she releases the button, the car is still there but there is not enough detail to see what is going on inside.  Suddenly, a blurry form appears, hovering just above the roof of the car: it is a little girl with light hair tied in pig-tails, a short dress, and black shoes.

In an instant, the top of the car is torn up and we can see the dog being lifted by his neck through the new opening.  As the assailant and victim rise, they turn and we can see the left side of Bubble's angry, snarling face as she holds her victim with one hand and slaps him with the other.  Then, with a violent shove, she hurls the dog out of the camera's view. Bubbles kicks the car to the side of the road and then moves off in the direction of her victim.

Anita stops the tape and turns back to her detectives.

REY: That can't be right - the Powerpuff Girls go to kindergarten with my youngest.  That girls doesn't even color outside of the lines, never mind attempted murder.  Heck, she even tried to keep her sisters from breaking out of jail once.  This must be just like last time, just some criminals trying to frame the girls!

ANITA: It's no mistake, Rey: we still have Bubbles' prints on file and she matched the prints on the car and in Mojo's lab, although we don't have anything on the two human victims yet: Besides the vics, all that CSU could find were just some grass stains and a gum wrapper.

LENNY: (With a concerned look)  Should we pick her up?

ANITA: I don't know HOW we're gonna do that.  (sigh)  For now, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'll talk to the DA.

REY: At least we know why no one would talk: if it's just another imposter then no one wants to get the girls in trouble.

LENNY: And if it really is them then no one would be stupid enough speak up.

ANITA:  Well, for now you guys had better get down to the hospital and talk to the victims.  We need to get to the bottom of this before anyone else gets hurt.

SCENE: The next morning in a hospital room with Talking Dog in traction.  An elderly woman is sitting in a chair next to the bed, knitting even though she looks quite upset.

LENNY: Hi, I'm detective Logan and this is detective Curtis.  We're sorry about your dog.

OLD WOMAN: Oh, I'm Mrs. Flibertz.  Are you going to get the bad person who did this?

LENNY: We have a lead, but we need to check it out further.

REY: Wait a minute... (checking notes) Mrs. Flibertz, didn't you report your car stolen today?

FILBERTZ: Oh dear, yes.  I completely forgot!  It seems my puppy here has been doing all sorts of silly things since I put him on a diet.  (to dog)  My poor baby!  He must have taken my car to buy some treats downtown.  He thinks he's a person sometimes you know.

LENNY: (In an caring tone)  Has he been able to tell you anything since he's been here?

FILBERTZ: Oh, goodness no.  The doctors say that it will take a while before he's able to speak, fetch, or even roll over.

REY: (handing her his card)  We hope he is better soon.  In the meantime, please let us know if he tells you anything.

FILBERTZ:  Is there anything I can do until then.

LENNY: We'll be in touch when there is anything.  Thank you for your time.

Lenny and Rey leave that room and walk through the hallway.

REY: Well, so much for that lead: the car wasn't really stolen after all.

LENNY: At least we have the tape, and that helped us get a statement from the clerk at the liquor store.

REY: But Lenny, it has to be an imposter!  We still don't know how the tape got to us.  It's all just too fishy for me.

LENNY:  Hey, someone didn't want to put his life on the line so he gave us the tape instead, and these girls are always crashing through walls and pushing monsters around.  It's not the first time a strong kid became a bully.  Heck, these five-year olds are under more pressure than most marines in combat, so just maybe Bu.. (hushing himself as an orderly and a nurse walk by) Maybe she just snapped.

Before he can respond in Bubble's defense, Rey's cell phone rings so he walks over to a row of payphones to answer it; Lenny enters Mojo's room.

LENNY: Mr. Jojo, I'm detective Logan.  I need to ask you a few questions...

MOJO: (furious) It was that Powerpuff girl whose name is Bubbles who did do this to me, CURS-ES!

LENNY: What exactly happened?

MOJO:  There was lightning and thunder because of a thunder storm that was there that afternoon which was yesterday afternoon, and that girl who is Bubbles crashed in through my roof in such a way as to break through it, as Bubbles and her sisters, who are the Powerpuff girls, often do.  At first I thought that she was scared because of the thunderstorm, as she is the baby girl of the Powerpuff girls and, being a baby, is scared by such things as thunder and lightning and darkness that come from thunderstorms...

LENNY: (interrupting) So what happened after she broke in?

Rey walks in, putting his cell phone into his jacket pocket and taking out a note pad.

MOJO: I yelled, "CURS-ES!" as I was upset by this action that she had taken to upset me.  She then proceeded to smash my super laser, which is a laser that it super because it can be set at eleven, unlike most devices of mass destruction which can only be set to ten, and this she broke, even though I had just finished building it as I was working on it when she broke in through my ceiling.  As she broke it, that is, the super laser, it discharged and damaged part of the lab.

REY: But when did she attack you?

MOJO: Right then, after smashing my super laser Bubbles then, as she was still smashing and smashing, smashed me as well.  As I was bleeding on the floor I remembered my not-so-super laser, which is called the not-so...

LENNY: (frustrated) We get the picture.

MOJO: Oh, so her sisters, being the other Powerpuff girls arrived and they argued with Bubbles, but I was too scared to listen to them, as I was bleeding, so then it sounded like they had agreed on something, which, since something bad was happening to me, I feared would mean more bleeding for me.  To defend myself I fired my not-so-super laser at them in self defense, but that did not hurt them and I realized that it was a mistake, because Bubbles then beat me more until I was unconscious.

REY: Did Blossom or Buttercup hit you?

MOJO: No, I do not think so, as I only remember Bubbles hitting me -- that is to say, this time...

REY: (interrupting) OK, thank you Mr. Jojo, we have all that we need for now.  We'll be in touch, but if you think of anything else...   (Rey leave a card on Mojo's bedside table)

LENNY: (interjecting) ..that's relevant!

REY: ... before then, just give us a call.

Lenny and Rey leave the room and head for the elevator.

LENNY: If we wait for him to finish talking we'll have to pick up Bubbles at the nursing home.

REY: That won't be a problem.  Van Buren just called and Carmichael said that we should pick her up.

SCENE: Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.  Most of the children are sitting around little tables.  Some children are drawing or playing with clay.  At the crafts table, Blossom and another girl are working on a macaroni "thinker" statue.  Buttercup is playing bean-bag toss with a couple of kids and Miss Keane, who walks over to see what the detectives want.  Bubbles, looking rather sullen, is coloring with a few friends as Briscoe and Curtis approach her.

KEANE: (rushing over to the two men) What can I do for you gentlemen?

REY: (leaning down to Bubbles with a caring look) Bubbles, I'm sorry, can you please stand up?

BUBBLES: (recognizing Det. Curtis as a classmate's father) Sure, Mr. Curtis... what can I do for you? (She slowly stands up, not knowing what to expect.  Blossom sees this and quickly walks over.)

LENNY: (showing his badge) Bubbles Utonium, you are under arrest for attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent (and he continues with the Miranda warning)....

KEANE: What are you doing!?  Blossom!  Buttercup!

Blossom has already seen what is happening to Bubbles.  Buttercup then notices as Lenny is handcuffing sad little Bubbles' hands behind her back.  Enraged, Buttercup flies at Lenny but is stopped only two feet short by Blossom, who uses a spinning jump to put herself between Buttercup and the almost-pulverized officer.

BLOSSOM: Buttercup WAIT!  You can't just beat up the police!  (she quickly takes a deep breath) Even though this must be a mistake, we are super heroines and must uphold the law at all times.

BUTTERCUP:  But they're taking her away to the slammer -- we have to stop 'em!

BUBBLES: (to officers) It's all right (sniffling and tearing), I'll go -- I deserve it.

BLOSSOM:  Something IS wrong here, but we still can't do anything illegal.  (Buttercup grimaces with anger and frustration; Blossom puts her hands, fingers up, on Buttercup's shoulders.)  Tell you what: I'll go with Bubbles and you go tell the Professor.  (They pause for a moment, Blossom with a commanding look and Buttercup's expression changing from anger to resolve.)

BLOSSOM and BUTTERCUP: (to Miss Keane):  Teacher, can we please be 'scused to save Bubbles?

KEANE:  Yes you may, BUT....!

There is a crash as Buttercup flies out through the ceiling, punching a hole in it.  A light shower of plaster falls on the adults and two girls, leaving dust in their hair and on their shoulders.

LENNY: (to Miss Keane) The four of us will just use the door.

Bubbles, still crying, hangs her head low as they start to walk out.  She is not looking where she is going and the detectives are trying to guide her.  His fatherly instincts getting the better of him, Rey picks her up in his arms and pats her on the back as they walk out.  Lenny briefly closes his eyes and shakes his head, but remains silent as they walk out.  Blossom follows.

SCENE: We see a crowded, bustling courtroom.  Police officers, defendants, and lawyers hurriedly walking here and there.  There is a low buzz as various people talk in quiet voices about serious issues.  Two bailiffs lead Bubbles up to the front of the courtroom and over to a table on her right (the judge's left).  Professor Utonium is in the first row with Buttercup and Blossom, all watching intently.

BUTTERCUP: (whispering loudly) We're with you Bubbles!

She is quickly shushed by one of the bailiffs.  Defense lawyer Shambala Green, a heavy-set black woman with surprisingly-tasteful dreadlocks, stands next to Bubbles reading some forms.  She bends her knees, leaning one hand on the table to support herself, and briefly talks to Bubbles, who nods her head in understanding.  Shambala stands up and faces the judge Phillip Franks.

BAILIFF:  Docket number five-five-four-six.  The charges are three counts of assault, two counts of cruelty to animals, and one count of attempted murder.

JUDGE: While it is nice to see a pretty face for a change, I have to ask if the people are sure they filed the charges in the right place.  [Note: "The People" refers to the district attorneys (prosecutors) who represent "the people" in criminal trials.]

A woman at the other table rises: she is Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael, a tall woman with long dark-brown hair and an expression more serious than cold steel.

ABBIE: Quite sure, your honor.  These atrocities were committed

SHAMBALA:  Your honor, the attempted murder charge is bogus.  My client was acting in self defense.  In any case, I want to have the charges moved to family (juvenile) court.

JUDGE: While I may enjoy hearing your strategy, right now I only want to hear a plea.  For everything else, you'll have to wait for a hearing.

They all look at Bubbles, who sniffles and starts to cry uncontrollably.

SHAMBALA:  I enter a plea of "not guilty" on all counts for my client.

JUDGE: So noted.  Any applications for bail.

ABBIE: Your honor, we have a video tape of one attack and, based on the vicious nature of the crimes, the people feel that she is a danger.  Furthermore, she has broken out of jail once before and we feel that she poses a significant flight risk.

SHAMBALA: My client is an important part of Townsville's defense and an outstanding member of the community.

JUDGE: Sorry, counselor, but outstanding citizens obey the law.  Defendant is remanded without bail.

Blossom looks shocked and Buttercup is visibly trembling, but the heart-broken professor has one hand on each girls' shoulders, patting them gently.  Bubbles, not looking back, is led away by the bailiffs and Shambala turns to talk to the professor.

PROFESSOR: What is going to happen to our Bubbles!?

SHAMBALA: This is worse than even I thought.  Abbie Carmichael has been assigned to this case, and she is merciless.  When she started at the DA's office her first prosecution was a five-year-old boy, and she would have sent him to jail.  If we could get rid of the attempted murder charge we then being reassigned to family court would be a slam dunk, but Abbie is not going to give us an inch.

BUTTERCUP:  What can we do?

BLOSSOM:  We're going to have to prove that Mojo Jojo captured Bubbles and zapped her with the laser first, all the way to eleven.

BUTTERCUP:  We know that Mojo did it.  Why won't they listen to us?

PROFESSOR:  Now girls, you didn't arrive until after Bubbles had freed herself and whooped Mojo.  Since you did not see what actually happened you can't testify.

Blossom gets a sudden look of worry, but she quickly conceals it.

SCENE: The office of District Attorney Adam Schiff, an old gentleman with a fixed sourpuss.  His posture, like his remaining hair, has seen better days.  He speaks in a raspy, almost ornery voice as he fixes a drink and speaks at no one in particular.  He is joined by Abbie and Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy.

ADAM:  At this rate, you'll never be mother of the year.

Abbie pushes her lips together and glares in anger, but holds her tongue.  Adam continues.

ADAM:  Mayor Mayor called me three time today to chew me out and the press is having a field day, predicting that all sorts of monsters will attack while Bubbles is in jail.  And it seems like everyone is wearing dandelions to protest the arrest!

[NOTE: the mayor of Townsville's last name is "Mayor."]

JACK: (mildly agitated) For crying out loud, you saw the tape!  You saw what she did to her victims!  For once I have to agree with Abbie's heavy-handedness: if this girl can't control herself then what will we be left with?  There is no place for vigilantes in our justice system, especially not ones with ultra-super powers.

ADAM:  I know, I know.  But we're not giving a speech -- we're trying to prove that a sweet little girl tried to murder a monkey in cold blood.  Are you sure she's not going to plead insanity.

ABBIE: Dr. Skoda examined her and found her to be competent and reasonable, and even he had a hard time believing her claim of self defense.  There is no way that she could be captured by a little monkey, especially if she was in such a "hardcore" mood.

JACK:  Too bad Detective Curtis has no problem believing her.  He called me last night and let me know how he feels about this.  He even explained in great detail about the glue spread in front of Mojo's front door.

ABBIE:  That's a load of garbage!  Sure Mojo has tried to wreak havoc on Townsville before, but everyone knows that the Powerpuff Girls rarely use doors.  If he really wanted to hurt them, he'd have put a trap in the ceiling or something.  I wouldn't be surprised if the other two saw that she had been out of control, as she had with the dog, and tried to cover up for her.

JACK:  The judge already decided that we can try her as an adult.  We have to protect the people of Townsville and do what's right.

ADAM: Then do what's right: cut a deal.

SCENE: Riker's Island Prison interrogation room has windows open on three sides with a clear view of the hallway and each adjacent interrogation room.  An plain tin lighting fixture with an incandescent bulb hangs over a small wooden table in the center of the room.  Jack, Abbie, Shambala, and Bubbles are sitting on folding chairs spaced around the table.  Bubbles' pretty eyes, though sad, perfectly match her blue prison uniform.

JACK: The offer is eight to twelve years if she pleads guilty to two counts of assault one and undergoes therapy.

SHAMBALA: That's ridiculous.  With the first two victims were hurt because my client was confused; the third victim cannot even identify Bubbles as the assailant because he never knew what hit him.  As for Mojo, that was self defense -- Bubbles was the victim.

ABBIE: (Throwing a picture of the badly-beaten Talking Dog on the table in front of Bubbles)  NO, HE IS A VICTIM!  (she slams down a picture of the man who stepped on the grass) AND SO IS HE.  (She drops another picture, this one of the man who was beaten after dropping a gum wrapper on the ground) AND THIS MAN.  (Finally, she holds a picture of a broken Mojo in Bubbles' face.) AND YOU ALMOST KILLED HIM!

BUBBLES: (covering her face and crying) I didn't mean to hurt them!  I didn't mean it.  I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have listened to my sisters.

SHAMBALA: (jumping to her feet) That's enough, counselor!

Abbie sits down.

JACK: No one is going to buy the self defense, and the only two people who can determine if Mojo's super laser fired accidentally or not are Mojo himself and Professor Utonium, whose professional testimony is not admissible in this case because he happens to be the criminal's father.

Another picture has fallen out of Abbie's briefcase and landed face-down on the floor.  Jack picks it up to return it, but his face turns pale when he sees what it is.  Shambala notices this and leans forward to see what is upsetting Jack.

JACK: (visibly shaken) The offer is good for twenty-four hours.  You know where to find us, but personally I hope you don't take it.

Jack and Abbie knock on the door and are let out by the guard, leaving Shambala and Bubbles alone.

SHAMBALA: Don't worry.  Things may look bad, but we're going to get through this.  By the way, your sisters asked me to bring you something.

Shambala takes out a doodle pad and a brand-new box of sixty-four Crayola crayons, handing them to Bubbles.  Bubbles flashes a smile which disappears with a sniffle.

BUBBLES:  Thank you.  (pausing while looking at her attorney)  Why did Mr. McCoy get so upset when he saw that other picture?

SHAMBALA:  That picture was of the car that Talking Dog was driving, and I guess it brought back some painful memories: a couple of years ago, someone he loved was killed in a terrible car accident.  Actually, the detective who arrested you was riding in the car with her when they were hit by a drunk driver.

BUBBLES:  (looking sadder for McCoy than she did for her own plight)  That's so sad.

SCENE:  Jack and Abbie are checking out of Riker's prison.

ABBIE: What was all that about?

JACK:  (letting out a heavy breath)  I'm sorry, I guess I was just caught off guard.  Her sister Buttercup reminds me of an picture of Claire when she was a little girl, so I've been thinking about her a lot lately.

ABBIE:  (pausing) Are you sure that you don't want me to find someone else for second chair?  After all, I do sort-of work for you.

JACK: No, this case is too high-profile.  I'll get over it..... Hey, what did Bubbles mean when she said that she should NOT have listened to her sisters?

ABBIE: According to her sisters' statements, they pleaded with her to stop beating the dog.  You're right, that is odd: it implies that her sisters said something to make Bubbles attack Mojo.

JACK: When you were a five year old, did anyone ever dare you to do anything bad?  Would they tease you and call you a chicken if you wouldn't?  I'm wondering if they dared her to commit the crime.

ABBIE:  So you think the other two are involved?  The glue could have been an ill-conceived plot to cover up.

JACK:  We're not going to find evidence to charge the other two.

ABBIE: But perhaps we can get more evidence.

SCENE:  The Utonium house, home of the Powerpuff Girls.  As the family watches, uniformed police officers are going searching the house, pulling out every drawer and even poking around in the professor's lab.  Detectives Briscoe and Curtis are there as well.

REY:  I can't believe that Carmichael would make us do this!  It's just too much.

LENNY: Hey, it's all part of the job.  Like it or not.

OFFICER: We found this in the bedroom and looked inside.  (He hands Lenny a medium-sized book with pink marble-toned covers and silver trim)

LENNY: I know you're not going to like this, Rey, but listen to this from the day of the crime:  "When we heard Bubbles screams of anger we headed straight for her.  She was in Mojo's place and nothing was open and we went straight in.  However, when we arrived, Mojo was lying in his own blood on the far side of the room and Bubbles was hovering over what was left of the super laser control panel.  Mojo wasn't moving and we were afraid that she had actually killed him, since she had been acting so strange today."

OFFICER:  Now skip ahead to the next marked section.

LENNY: This is from the day she was arraigned: "Ms. Green told us that we had to prove Bubbles was attacked by Mojo first.  Bubbles would never lie to us about anything, but she would never beat anyone so much for no reason before, either.  I'm scared that Bubbles is really mad and she has snapped and she wants to kill everyone and it's all my fault."

REY:  Whose is this?

BLOSSOM: (looking very sad) It's mine (She sniffles.)

BUTTERCUP: (sarcastically) Way to go, leader girl!  (She scowls.)

SCENE: We are in a different courtroom which is much the same except that only one person is talking at a time.  Several people, apparently bored, sit in the gallery.  One is reading a magazine but a bailiff instructs him to put it away.  Abbie Carmichael and Shambala Green are standing up by Judge Grace Larkin, who has her hand over her microphone.

SHAMBALA: Your honor, her sister's diary is not admissible because she can call the author as a witness.

ABBIE: The search warrant clearly states that we can search for any evidence relating to the crimes in question.

SHAMBALA:  But it was only intended for Bubbles' belongings.

LARKIN: That is for me to decide.  (reading)  I'm afraid Ms. Carmichael is right: she can use the diary.

ABBIE:  Thank you, your honor.

LARKIN:  I'm not going to make it that easy, however.  You may use the diary as part of your investigation and to find new evidence, but you cannot admit any of it directly into evidence.  You will have to call Blossom Utonium to the stand and question her directly.  If she answers differently from what she wrote, then you may direct her to explain her answers based on her entries.  Also take note that any leaks of information in the diary, (looking at both Abbie and Shambala) by ANYONE, will be dealt with very harshly.  (uncovering the microphone) Now let's begin jury selection.

SHAMBALA:  First of all, I would like to exclude all dog owners since they may be unduly prejudiced by the nature of this case.

ABBIE: Your honor, that request could exclude a significant cross section of people.  These jurors are being asked to determine whether or not the crime was committed by the defendant, not whether or not it was a horrible crime.

LARKIN:  I have to agree with Ms. Green on this one.  All potential jurors who currently own or live with a dog are excused.  (About one third of the potential jurors rise and leave quietly).

ABBIE:  (to Shambala)  I suppose all people who own monkeys should be excluded also.

Just then, Michael Jackson jumps out of his seat, quickly salutes with his gloved hand, and backwards moon-walks to the door.  He then does a quick spin and exits.

SCENE:  Mojo's lab has been taped off but it is now deserted.  Detective Curtis and crime-lab technician Sheila Jones walk in and turn on the lights.

REY: I really appreciate you coming down here to help.  I owe you big time.

SHEILA: I'm glad if I can do anything to help Bubbles, but I'll be happy to let you owe me one anyways.

They approach the patch of glue by the front door and Sheila examines it.

SHEILA:  The paramedics had to fight with the stuff a bit when they arrived, but it looks as if it had dried somewhat by the time they got here.  There was so much else to look at that CSU didn't think to test for what time this stuff had been smeared on the floor.

REY:  Can you find out?

SHEILA:  If we tested before it dried completely and knew exactly what the weather had been like, we probably could have figured out when it was poured out, give or take fifteen minutes.  Now, it's been dry for weeks and it won't give us anything that isn't stuck in it.

REY:  According to the follow-up, that would be nothing.

The pair walks over to the super laser control, but Rey then continues on to the target restraint area.  Several pieces of metal and concrete are still strewn about, still covered with a light film of fingerprint dust.

SHEILA:  Well, this is beyond me.  Most lasers only go up to a setting of "ten," but this one goes to "eleven."  With the panel crushed like this, we can't tell if it went off due to a malfunction or if it was fired.

REY:  Tell me, Sheila, if Bubbles smashed everything wouldn't she have used her fists?  But you guys found her fingerprints on some of these pieces.

SHEILA:  If she was as out-of-control as they claim, then it is likely that she would have ripped and grabbed stuff as well.  Hmmm, but we didn't find any of her prints on the panel.

REY:  All of the pieces with prints were taken as evidence, and I believe that they came from this pile.  What was this, anyways?

SHEILA: According to Mojo Jojo, this target assembly was designed to focus its beam about waist-high in the middle of this cylinder.  The broken pieces were actually two-piece arms that could be configured as concave, to hold part of the sample inside, or convex (pointy), to hold the whole sample while covering very little of it.  He said that he was firing at crystals and had the arms in the convex configuration.

REY: How can we tell if they really were like that?

SHEILA: They were hit with a pretty powerful beam.  I suppose we could check the energy dispersal patterns on them to see if they were concave, convex, or had already been smashed when the laser discharged.  However, that means collecting every piece AND getting the pieces with fingerprints out from the evidence room.

REY: (pulling out his cell phone and walking to the door)  Start collecting pieces and I'll work on getting the rest.

SHEILA:  Rey, this will take days!

REY:  So I'll owe you two times big time!

He leaves as an exasperated Sheila sighs and begins collecting rubble.

SCENE:  Abbie Carmichael is in her office, reviewing records at her desk.  There is a knock at the door and then Buttercup storms in.

BUTTERCUP:  Why are you doing this to us!?  Bubbles made a mistake, a bad mistake, but she regrets it and she's sorry.  Just let her go already!

ABBIE:  I don't know if anyone ever told you, but sorry just isn't good enough sometimes.  What your sister did was not a mistake -- it was criminal.

BUTTERCUP:  But Mojo took her and zapped her, so she was only defending herself.

ABBIE:  You don't know that - you weren't' there.  How could Mojo have kidnapped her?  She's too strong for him, and she proved that by almost killing him.  Even your sister Blossom doubts her innocence.

BUTTERCUP:  (rising off of the floor to be just above Abbie's eye level)  But you don't understand!  Bubbles is afraid of the dark and is scared by lightning, so Mojo grabbed her during the thunderstorm.

ABBIE:  (raising her voice) I don't know how you can expect me to believe any of this.

BUTTERCUP:  (very angry) Bubbles has done more as a defender of this city than you ever will!

ABBIE: (standing up to look down at Buttercup)  Being a defender of the people does not give her the right to hurt those people.

Buttercup is completely flustered and looks angry, but she must get out of there.  She flies out through the window, breaking glass as she leaves.  Once in the sky and away from where anyone can see her, she begins to cry to herself.

Back in Abbie's office, Jack McCoy and Rey Curtis walk in.

JACK: What happened here?

ABBIE:  Buttercup just paid me a visit.

REY:  And you don't have any bruises to show for it?

JACK: Abbie, detective Curtis came to me with a request and I told him that he has to talk to you.

ABBIE:  What is it?

REY:  I want to pull some of the evidence and try to find out if Mojo really did capture Bubbles somehow.

ABBIE:  As I just told the green tornado a few moments ago, I don't buy that one bit.

REY:  Heck, you've been wrong before, just give me a chance to see if we overlooked something.

ABBIE:  Detective Curtis, unless you have some compelling reason I cannot allow you to remove the filed evidence.

REY:  Hey, she practically admitted to the dog and the two guys in the park, but she adamantly denies taking the first strike at Mojo.

ABBIE:  But the attempted murder charge on Mojo Jojo is the difference between hard time and a two week suspended sentence to Romper Room.

REY:  Can't you have a heart, just for once!

ABBIE:  My heart is for the people who will die the next time this girls decides that she alone is judge, jury, and executioner.

Rey storms out.

JACK:  It's hard for him.  He's got three girls of his own.

ABBIE:  I know, but I won't change my mind.

JACK:  That's what I thought, too, but now I'm not so sure.  (He pulls and folded piece of gray paper from his jacket and hands it to Abbie).  This came for me today.

Abbie opens the paper: it is a crayon drawing of some dandelions and "cheer up" scrawled on the top.  It is signed in blue crayon, "Bubbles."

ABBIE:  (confused) What is this for?

JACK:  Apparently, Shambala pieced together why I lost it the other day and told Bubbles.  (He looks at the floor for a few moments.)  You know, I'm just not sure anymore....

He takes the paper back from flabbergasted Abbie's hands and walks out of the office.  Abbie digs around on her desk for a moment and picks up Blossom's diary.  She sits back and starts reading it, from the beginning.

SCENE:  Back in Judge Larkin's courtroom the jury seated and Talking Dog is being questioned by Abbie.  Bubbles is wearing a blue dress suit, and her sisters are dressed in similar suits, only of their own colors.  Professor Utonium sits on one side of them and Ms. Keane is on the other.

ABBIE:  Mr. Dog, please tell the court what happened on the day you were assaulted.

DOG:  I tried to drive downtown to get some food.  I was hungry, really hungry, from chasing my tail all morning.  When I got to 10th street I realized that I couldn't drive, so I stopped and waited for Mrs. Flibertz to find me.

ABBIE:  Then what happened?

DOG: Then the top of the car suddenly was ripped off.  Bubbles, the defendant, was hovering above the car.  I even said, "Hi Bubbles, how are you?" when I recognized her.  She picked me up by my neck and started hitting me, screaming "BAD DOG!  BAD DOG! BAD DOG!"  (he is visibly shaken and starts to whimper).

Across the courtroom, Bubbles hangs her head in shame.

ABBIE:  (to Dog)  It's OK now, there boy... Please continue.

DOG:  She threw me on the ground and I hurt all over.  As soon as got my senses back I looked up.  Bubbles was hovering over me, and she looked even madder than before.  I said, "No, Bubbles, have mercy!"

ABBIE: And what was the defendant's response?

DOG:  (shaking) She said, "Mercy is for the weak!"

The jurors and spectators gasp in horror.

DOG: If her sisters hadn't shown up just then she would have killed me!

SHAMBALA:  Objection!  The witness is jumping to a conclusion.

LARKIN:  Sustained.  The jury will disregard the witness' last statement.

ABBIE: No further questions.  (She sits down.)

SHAMBALA:  I have no questions at this time.

LARKIN:  Well, it is almost 12:30, so let's take a recess for lunch.  I'll see you all back here at 2:00.

Back at the prosecution table, Abbie and Jack are picking up their papers.

ABBIE:  Why didn't Green cross-examine Talking Dog?

JACK:  What could she do?  We have the attack on tape and the worst thing he did was take a joyride which, the last time I checked, is not a capital offense.  Besides, she has a bigger fish to fry.

ABBIE:  You mean Mojo's testimony.  If she can paint a picture of Mojo as the aggressor and Bubbles the victim then the jury will acquit on all charges.

JACK:  And he isn't the most likeable witness to begin with.

ABBIE: Jack, I have to be honest with you.  I thought about what Buttercup and Curtis said, and then I read Blossom's diary.  What they say makes sense, but now that the trial has started we can't stop without losing it all to double jeopardy.

JACK:  I know one person who'll be happy to dig a little more for us... (he looks at her)

ABBIE:  You're right, I'll call Curtis and let him re-examine the fingerprinted samples.  I just hope he can get an answer quickly.

SCENE:  The next morning, Rey, Lenny, and Sheila are in the crime lab examining a re-constructed piece of Mojo's restraints.  Rey leaves a small pastry bag and a cup of coffee on Sheila's desk.

SHEILA:  I swear I'll never do another puzzle for as long as I live!  It took me seventeen hours to reconstruct just these two pieces, but they are definitely from the same pair.

REY:  What did you find out?

SHEILA:  First of all, Mojo lied about the state of the guides: they were concave when the super laser discharged.

LENNY:  I'm not surprised, but that doesn't prove anything.

SHEILA:  Not by itself, but there is more.  I ran a metallurgical analysis of the metal at various points inside and outside the guides.  In the lab these guides can't be positioned in the path of the beam, but they were damaged more on the inside than the outside.

LENNY:  I hate to say this, but wouldn't that indicate that the guides were inside out, like Mojo claims?

SHEILA:  That's a good point, but I determined the shape of the guides by the marks on the joining bolts.  Something must have redirected a large amount of energy from the target area to the inside of the guide, or in this case, restraint.  I don't know what could have handled such a large amount of energy... except perhaps a Powerpuff Girl.

REY:  And where were the fingerprints?

SHEILA:  That's the best part - they were INSIDE the guide, or in this case, restraint.  Even the break patterns show that they were stretched and snapped from inside, so your girl was probably being held there.

LENNY:  But can you be certain?

REY:  (getting impatient with Lenny's skepticism)  Why can't you just believe me when I say she's innocent!?  I know this girl and I don't believe a three-time-loser monkey.

LENNY:  Hey, just hold on a minute:  It's true I have my doubts, but if it's this important to you I am willing to keep an open mind.

REY:  Open mind?  You've been down on this girl since day one.

LENNY: Rey, we can't just walk into a courtroom and say we think she's innocent.  The only chance this little girl has is if we can get positive proof that Mojo Jojo attacked her first.

REY:  But how are we gonna do that?

SHEILA: (interrupting)  We'll have to test Bubbles.  My equipment is not as strong as Mojo's, but we should be able to determine if Bubbles' energy-dispersal pattern matches what I found on the restraints.

REY:  But Carmichael is not going to let us take Bubbles out for testing -- the defense would jump all over her if she did.

LENNY:  (half serious) Who knows, Abbie may let us do it if she gets to fire the laser at Bubbles herself.

SHEILA:  Well, she is a triplet, and her two sisters have the same powers.  It may be painful, but if Mojo really did fire at Bubbles, then our laser shouldn't cause any damage to either of her sisters, though it will probably hurt quite a bit.

LENNY:  And if Bubbles is lying about the laser?

SHEILA:  Then there  may be only one Powerpuff Girl left in Townsville.

REY:  I don't like the sound of that.

LENNY:  If this is her only chance, then we should at least talk to the Utoniums.

SCENE:  Lenny and Rey are at the front door of the Utonium's house.  Buttercup answers the door.

BUTTERCUP: What are YOU two doing here!?  You're not welcome - EVER!  (she slams the door)

LENNY: (ringing the bell again) That went better than I expected.

Professor opens the door and Blossom is standing next to him.  Buttercup is flying at his eye level with arms crossed and a big pout.

PROFESSOR: What can I do for you two gentleman?

REY:  Can we come in and talk to you for a few minutes?


BLOSSOM:  Buttercup!  That's no way to talk to the police.

PROFESSOR:  (taking Buttercup into his hands and holding her up with his left arm)  Now girls, just because these two men took your sister away to jail and are trying to lock her up forever, that is no reason to be rude.  (to the detectives) Please come in.

They enter.

REY:  Actually, that's what we're here about.

BUTTERCUP:  (imitating Bubbles) Duh!

LENNY:  Listen here little girl: my partner has just spent the last three days doing everything he can to find out if Mojo really attacked Bubbles, and this is her only hope right now.

BLOSSOM:  What would we have to do?

REY:  To prove Bubbles' version of events, we need to fire a similar laser at one of you wearing a restraint like in Mojo's lab.  Then we'll see if the dispersal patterns match the rubble in Mojo's lab.  It will show if she's telling the truth about Mojo firing at her.

BUTTERCUP: We're not going to help you put our sister in jail!

LENNY:  We don't want to put her in jail if she was acting in self defense.

REY: Come on, Lenny, forget it.  After all, they don't believe her either, so why would they want to risk getting fried if Bubbles is lying anyways?  (he turns to leave)

BLOSSOM:  (floating up)  I'll do it.

PROFESSOR:  Blossom, this could be dangerous.  Even with your ultra-super powers it could be quite painful -- it could even kill you!

BLOSSOM:  I doubted my sister once already, and I'd rather not live if it meant having to doubt her for the rest of my life.

BUTTERCUP:  Well, I want nothing to do with it (She floats up and crosses her arms again.)

REY:  (to Buttercup)  After firing the laser, we need to break the restraint to be able to examine the damage.  It was difficult to build the same type of restraint and we don't have equipment that is strong enough to break it.  It may take you an Blossom together to break it.

LENNY:  (he approaches Buttercup)  Bubbles is a sweet kid and I don't think she'll survive in jail.  (looking sad)  Last year I lost one of my little girls and it tore me up inside.  I don't want to see the same thing happen to your sister.

There is a pause.  Buttercup takes a deep breath and lets it out with a sigh as her face turns back to normal.

SCENE:  Back in the courtroom the next morning, just before the trial resumes, Rey hands the report to Abbie and returns to the gallery to sit with Lenny.  Abbie reads the report and then hands it to Jack.

JACK:  Here it is: evidence that Bubbles was being held against her will by Mojo.  There goes our case, so we'd better wrap it up and get an indictment against Mojo Jojo.  I'd better show this to Green. (He starts to get up.)

ABBIE:  Wait a minute, Jack.  I have an idea.

JACK:  What do you mean?  We can't withhold evidence from the defense - they'll have our heads!

ABBIE:  I'll introduce it, just as soon as we hear Mojo's testimony.  I want to make sure...

BAILIFF:  All rise.  Court is once again in session.

LARKIN: (entering and taking her seat)  Will the prosecution call its next witness.

ABBIE:  Your honor, there has been a slight change in plans and we will be calling Mojo Jojo next.  The bailiffs are finding him right now.

Within a minute, the bailiffs lead Mojo Jojo into the courtroom and onto the stand and he is sworn in.

ABBIE:  Mr. Mojo, please describe what happened to you on the day of the attack.

MOJO:  I was in my lab, doing my crystal research on crystals, which is why I call it my crystal research.  My super laser was charged and I was planning to irradiate the crystals when all of a sudden the thunderstorm started.  I decided to continue anyways, but then Bubbles crashed in and she was acting like she was angry at me.

ABBIE:  Back up a moment please, did she crash through the wall or enter through the door?

MOJO:  No, came in through the roof which is above my lab.

ABBIE:  Mr. Mojo, please tell us why you have been lying to us all along.

There are many gasps from the gallery.  Judge Larkin slams her gavel down a couple of times to call order.

SHAMBALA:  What is going on here?

LARKIN:  That's what I'd like to know.  Approach!

Abbie and Shambala approach the bench and Judge Larkin covers the microphone.

ABBIE: Your honor, Blossom's diary indicates that there were NO holes in his lab when she arrived, but Mojo just testified that Bubbles entered though the roof, making her own opening.  Considering the damming aspects of the diary, I believe that Blossom wrote the truth.  Then, after reading more of Blossom's diary, I had the guards at Riker's "accidentally" turn off the lights in Bubbles' cell last night.  (pulling out an affidavit)  She hid under the bed and cried until they turned it back on.  Because she IS afraid of the dark it is possible that she was captured by Mojo during the thunderstorm.

"Finally, I just received this report.  (she hands it to the judge and Shambala stands tippie-toe to look at it)  By testing one of Bubbles' sisters, our crime lab proved that the damage in the lab was consistent with Bubbles being restrained while being fired at with the super laser.

"In light of this evidence, the people move to drop the charge of attempted murder and the assault on Mojo Jojo, ruling it a self-defense.  We'd also like Mojo Jojo held until he can be indicted for kidnapping and attempted murder.

LARKIN:  (to Shambala) Any objections?

SHAMBALA: (surprised) Not at all, your honor!

LARKIN:  So ordered.  (uncovering the microphone)  Bailiffs, arrest this monkey.

MOJO:  Curses!  My evil scheme to split up the Powerpuff girls has been found out!  (He pulls out his not-quite-so-super laser)  I will get you all for this, but most of all you, you evil-good-evil prosecutor!

He fires at Abbie, but a flash of blue-and-blonde intercepts: Bubbles puts herself between the weapon and its target.  She gives out a little squeak of pain as her tiny body absorbs the ray.  In an instant, Buttercup and Blossom join in: Buttercup takes the not-so-super laser away from Mojo and places it in a bailiff's hands while Blossom uses the microphone in the witness box to "handcuff" Mojo Jojo to it.

As the beam stops, Bubbles takes a moment to reorient herself -- then, she looks at Mojo angrily.  Fearing that she'll attack Mojo, Blossom and Buttercup fly up to Bubbles, each grabbing one of her arms to hold her back.  Surprisingly, she does not try to move towards him.  Instead, her eyes grow wide as she screams:


BUTTERCUP:  Yeah, you tell him Bubbles!  That's just ASKING for trouble.

BLOSSOM:  What's the matter, Mojo Jojo, don't you have any respect for Law & Order?

There is a brief pause and the bailiffs take Mojo out of the courtroom.  Bubbles returns to her seat at the table and her sisters return to the Professor's lap in the gallery.

SHAMBALA: Your honor, in light of the dismissal of the attempted-murder charge, I move that the remaining charges be moved to juvenile court.

ABBIE:  The people have no objections.

LARKIN:  Then I hereby order that the charge of attempted murder is dismissed.  As for the two remaining assault charges, I am declaring a mistrial due to the extraordinary circumstances. The charges will be re-filed in juvenile court.  Court is dismissed!

There is a collective cry of relief and people are talking excitedly.  Shambala Green walks over to the prosecutors' table, picking up the lab report.

SHAMBALA: I don't know why you would try to destroy your own case when you didn't have to, but I'm glad that you did. (and she walks over to the newly-reunited Utonium family).

Buttercup quietly wanders over to the prosecutors' table.

JACK: (to Abbie)  That's the second five-year-old you've let off this year.  People might think that you are becoming a softie.

BUTTERUP: (making her presence known)  NO WAY!  (with a big smile) She's hard-core!

Buttercup gives Abbie a high-five and returns to Bubbles, who is in the Professor's arms talking to her supporters.

Abbie tries to hide a little smile as she puts her papers into her briefcase.  Jack lets out a little laugh and begins to gather his papers.

SCENE:  The next morning, we are now in family court for a new arraignment.  Along with Bubbles, the lawyers, and the Utoniums, many of the spectators and all of the jurors from the first trial over fill this smaller courtroom.  Judge Thomas Lynde presides.

LYNDE:  Let me get this straight, Ms. Green.  Your client is pleading guilty to three counts of assault, even though she is only charged with two, AND she has refused to make any arrangement with the District Attorney's office?

SHAMBALA:  Against my advice, Bubbles insists that she pleads guilty, unconditionally.

LYNDE:  I want to hear it directly from the defendant.

Bubbles stands up and walks to the middle of the floor.  Since she is so small and must look up so high to see the judge, it takes a moment for her to begin.  There is dead silence as everyone waits to hear her small voice.

Bubbles' Confession by Buttercup Spice

BUBBLES:  Your honor, I am guilty of beating up Talking Dog, the man who stepped on the grass, and the man who littered.  I did it.  I feel really bad about it but have no excuse because it was wrong.

"A while ago, my sister Blossom taught me the word "Ironic" and only now I know what it means: everyone thought that I was just a baby, but when I tried to prove to them that I was tough and strong I really ended up having a big temper tantrum instead -- I was just being a bigger baby than before.

"What I did was very bad, and I am scared that no one will ever forgive me.  But I'm more scared that I will do it again.  So, your honor, I want you to punish me SO much that I'll never ever do it again."

LYNDE: Thank you, Bubbles.  Please be seated.  (He waits while she slowly walks back to her chair and sits down.)  The truth be told, there is no punishment that I could give which will prevent you from ever committing these crimes again: only you can decide how you will behave, and these acts of violence are a serious stain on an otherwise spotless record.  Your victims in these crimes will heal long before your reputation ever does, despite your history of community service and strong ties to the people of Townsville.

"Still, you are right that you must be punished for these acts and we must do everything that we can to prevent you from ever behaving this way again.  Bubbles Utonium, having plead guilty to three counts of assault, I hereby sentence you to three years....

There is a gasp in the courtroom.  Judge Lynde simply bangs his gavel twice but then allows the noise to die down.

LYNDE: ... three years, suspended sentence.  You must also make restitution for all damages and receive counseling; the court will also expect you to report here monthly to check your progress.  (the crowd cheers and the judge calls order this time).  Just minutes ago, a friend-of-the-court brief was filed by counselors who are willing to help you.  My clerk will give you the information before you leave, and you should make your first appointment today.  Case closed!

The spectators cheer and dandelions are flying everywhere.  Bubbles flies up to Professor Utonium, followed by Blossom and Buttercup in a big group hug.

SCENE:  Professor, Blossom, and Buttercup are in a waiting room in a medical office.  The sign on the door reads "A.B. Psychiatry."  The Professor is reading "Scientific American" while the girls are building a tall arch out of the blocks.  A receptionist is talking on the phone and we hear faint talking from behind one of the closed doors.

SCENE:  We are in the psychiatrist office and Bubbles is sitting with her legs and feet up on a big, soft light-pink couch.  Then we notice that the couch has two eyes and a mouth on the back, next to Bubbles.  Two similar creatures "sit" in office chairs, facing Bubbles.  These are the Amoeba Boys.  The larger seated one, Bossman, is wearing a hat and the other, Skinny, is holding a notepad and a pen.  The couch is actually Junior.

BOSSMAN: So, do you understand what we are saying?  Any time you feel the need to strike out or hit something, see us immediately.

SKINNY: Anytime, day or night!

JUNIOR:  Yes, please, if you feel the need to hit something as hard as you can, then we're here for you.

BOSSMAN: And it doesn't matter how often or how hard you have to hit us, you are always welcome and we will always be your friends.

JUNIOR: Do you feel like punching a pillow right now?  (He forms part of his body to look like a pillow.)

BUBBLES:  No, not right now.  But thank you.  You guys are so sweet!

SKINNY:  Oh well, time's up (disappointed).

BOSSMAN:  All right, then we'll see you on Mondays and Thursdays at five PM, but don't hesitate to call if you feel like hitting us.

SKINNY: (handing her a card) And I put our home address on the back, and I'll let you know our cell phone number once we get one.

JUNIOR:  Yeah!  Anytime.

BUBBLES:  Thank you (extending the "you" in a happy tone).

Bubbles jumps off of the couch and returns to the waiting room.

SCENE:  At the home of the Powerpuff Girls they are preparing to go to bed.  Bubbles is sitting up in the bed, looking sad, so Blossom hands Octi (Bubbles' toy octopus) to her.  Bubbles hugs her toy tightly but does not look any better.

BLOSSOM:  I bet you can't wait to sleep in our own bed again!

Bubbles does not answer.

BUTTERCUP:  (excitedly curious)  What was jail like?  Were you afraid of the dark there?

BUBBLES:  (she seems distracted)  No, they always had lights on, but I didn't like it there.

Professor walks in to tuck his girls in.

PROFESSOR:  OK, it's time for sleeping.  We've all had a busy day.  (He notices Bubbles expression and sits down on the bed and puts his arm around her; she lets Octi fall away and puts her arms around his side).  What's wrong, Bubbles?

BUBBLES:  No one is going to like me anymore because of what I did.

PROFESSOR:  There, there, little Bubbles.  Everyone still likes you, and I'll always love you no matter what, and so will your sisters.

BLOSSOM:  That's right!  I'll always love my sisters, (looking at Buttercup) even you.

BUTTERCUP:  Yeah, Bubbles, we'll never let you down.  And the district attorneys like you now and Talking Dog and the two men also said they accepted your apology.

BUBBLES:  But will they ever forgive me?

BLOSSOM:  Well, you're going to have to work extra-hard from now own to show that you can be trusted.  I suggest......

Buttercup, while looking at the Professor, tilts her head and shoots a look towards the preaching Blossom and then towards the door.  Blossom does not notice, but the Professor does.

PROFESSOR: (interrupting Blossom's "advice")  Blossom, with all that's been going on I don't think I've brushed your hair for a few days.  Lets got sit in the living room and I'll do it now.

BLOSSOM:  Whatever you say, Professor.

Professor kisses Bubbles on the forehead and picks up Blossom.  Stopping only to grab a hairbrush, they leave the room, Professor closing the door behind them.

Buttercup sits next to Bubbles and then gently picks her up, placing Bubbles on her lap.  Bubbles does not respond at all.  Buttercup puts her arms around her sister and places her forehead against Bubbles'.  For Bubbles, everything starts to fade green and her eyes slowly close.  In the surreal landscape of this dream, she sees her three victims, Talking Dog, the man on the grass, and the litterbug.  Nervous, she walks over to them.

* BUBBLES:  Will you ever forgive me?

* TALKING DOG: Well, I may be able to talk, but I sure as heck can't hold a grudge against you!

* GRASS MAN:  We all make mistakes - we'll get over it.

* LITTER MAN:  It may not be right away, but someday.

Bubbles knows that it is only a dream, but for the first time in a long time, she feels some hope.

BUTTERCUP: (quietly, to herself)  So that's my special power..... YUCK - it's so sissy!

Professor Utonium and Blossom return to the room.  Buttercup puts a vertical finger to her lips, signaling for them to be quiet.  Bubbles is asleep under the covers.  Blossom and Buttercup join her, and the Professor kisses them all on the forehead before leaving the room.  He leaves the door open a crack, the hall light shining on Bubbles.

And once again the day is saved, thanks to the police, the district attorneys, and the Powerpuff girls!



The cast

The Players
The main characters (let to right): District Attorney Adam Schiff, Bubbles, Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael, Professor Utonium, Detective Lenny Briscoe, Blossom, Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy, Buttercup, DetectiveRey Curtis, and Lieutenant Anita Van Buren

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